Coming up Audition:

A Nothing Without a Company workshop followed by the premiere production of Down the Moonlit Path adapted by Tate A. Geborkoff and created and directed by Rachel Staelens. Beginning their journey on HANSEL and GRETHEL's path through the woods, audiences will take a journey around the world as they explore fairy tales from Japan, the Philippines, the Congo, Persia (Iraq/Iran), the Haudenosaunee Nation, Jamaica, Peru and Norway. Featuring a large cast of multidisciplinary artists incorporating dance, music, song, poetry, storytelling, puppetry and acting, the audience will play an integral part in the telling of these tales and will see a show unique to the path they choose to follow.

Time Commitment: 
This will be an intensive month long workshop followed by a potential opportunity to be a part of the production 

Tentative Workshop / Performance Schedule: - Workshop: 3-3 1/2 weeks in January 2015, scheduled around cast schedules - Rehearsals for production beginning in February 2015 - Opening slated for April 17th, 2015

Material To Prepare: 
1 monologue that best represents your skill set. Can be classical or modern. -Recite a piece of poetry of your choosing (Classical, Spoken Word, Sonnets etc.)

Seeking: Older Men 40's - 60's. (if you are a few years older or younger- please feel free to still submit!) All ethnicities and looking for character types to play more than 1 role.

Auditions will be held at Gill Park- 825 W. Sheridan on SUNDAY JANUARY 4th Noon-3pm 
Email: Casting.NothingWithoutaCompany@gmail.com

Pay: Small Stipend for production; There is no stipend for participation in the workshop process.