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Down the Moonlit Path - Workshop and Premiere
A Nothing Without a Company workshop followed by the premiere production of "Down the Moonlit Path" adapted by Tate A. Geborkoff and created and directed by Rachel Staelens.

Show Description & Details:  
Beginning their journey on HANSEL and GRETHEL's path through the woods, audiences will take a journey around the world as they explore fairy tales from Japan, the Philippines, the Congo, Persia (Iraq/Iran), the Haudenosaunee Nation, Jamaica, Peru and Norway. Featuring a large cast of multidisciplinary artists 
incorporating dance, music, song, poetry, storytelling, puppetry and acting, the audience will play an integral part in the telling of these tales and will see a show unique to the path they choose to follow. 

This will be an intensive month long workshop followed by a potential opportunity to be a part of the production
Needed: 15 performers and 2 narrators- Performers will play 3 or more characters.  Looking for all ethnicity, body types, and acting levels - we strongly welcome all who are interested.

Age: 20's-40's (if you are a few years older or younger - please feel free to still audition)

Audition Details:
Please prepare the following for your audition:
- 1 monologue that best represents your skill set. Can be classical or modern (please take into account that this is a show about fairy tales)
-Recite a piece of poetry of your choosing (Classical, Spoken Word, Sonnets etc.)

Small Stipend for production; There is no stipend for participation in the workshop process.

Audition Dates & Times: December 6th and 7th from 12PM- 6PM  
Callback Dates &Times: December 10th and 11th from 7PM-10PM

Location: DePaul University, 2350 N Racine Avenue Chicago, IL 60614 (Room 323 for Audition)

Please contact Casting.Nothingwithoutacompany@gmail.com with your headshot and resume ( if you have them - if not, it's fine) to schedule your audition.
Tentative Workshop / Performance Schedule:
- Workshop: 3-3 1/2 weeks in January 2015, scheduled around cast schedules
- Rehearsals for production beginning in February 2015
- Opening slated for April 17th, 2015